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Shouting Fascism on a crowded Main Street


Our first essay on the taboo subject of "Fascism" is written by a Christian who is alarmed by the growth of Fascism within the Christian community and the "Church" at large.
The emergence of powerful "fascist leaning", Church leaders and bible teachers, advocating a "Christian Theocracy" that dominate and prevail in the "Christian" discourse in our nation, has so silenced and stupefied and so brainwashed the general "Christian" community, that any voice of opposition to that howling and frantic, so called, "conservative" (ie dogmatic), message within the church, is branded a heresy and that person is marginalized and removed from the roles in many instances.
The Christian Right, (ie Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and a whole host of "celebrity" evangelists and teachers), with the collaboration of the major media and the radical right wing of our political spectrum, has, for the last twenty five or more years, built an "acceptable Christian opinions", that all but overwhelm the rest of Christendom.
Here with Steve Shearer, is a "Voice in the Wilderness", a long needed corrective and a poultice, for the gaping wounds that have crippled and disabled the body of Christ for far too long.

By: S.R. Shearer
August 1, 2008


Over the past number of years I have received a great many letters and emails chiding me for over-emphasizing the danger of fascism insofar as the United States is concerned. Typical of these letters is the following:

"Mr. Shearer:
"Your constant reference to the danger of fascism in the United States is ridiculous. The groups that subscribe to that … [mindset] are at best miniscule and only inhabit the fringes of our society. Groups like the KKK, the Aryan Nations, the civilian militias, the Aryan Brotherhood and so forth are jokes. They have no large following. You are way off the mark in your concern for fascism, at least as it pertains to the United States."

The fact is, however, I'm not the one who is "off the mark;" he is the one. In ascribing fascism merely to fringe groups such as the "KKK, the Aryan Nations, the civilian militias, the Aryan Brotherhood," etc. the writer here exhibits an ignorance of fascism that is not only shocking, but dangerous! Nonetheless, while it's shocking, this understanding of what fascism is, is typical of people in the United States.

Senator PrescotBush, George Bush Sr.'s father and George W. Bush's grandfather was a "secret" financier of Adolph Hitler before and during World War ll..and act of treason.

As a result of these letters, emails and other correspondences, I have felt it necessary to provide a broader definition of fascism than most Americans have been provided with, a definition that should send shivers up and down your spines as you read this material and ponder just how close the United States is to being subsumed in a fascist state. [We urge you to read this material in conjunction with our new article, "Transitioning from Christianity to Fascism."]


In their book, The Nazi Hydra in America - a book highly recommended by Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States, Glen Yeardon and John Hawkins write:

"Few other words cause more confusion … than fascism. It is often used in the sense of extreme repression. Often the understanding of fascism is limited to the Nazis and repression. The term has been applied to many individuals, such as Joseph McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover, and others. It is frequently - often wrongly - used to describe police and law enforcement, and government and its policies …

"What then is fascism exactly? Webster's Dictionary defines it as: 'A government system marked by a centralized dictatorship, stringent socioeconomic controls and belligerent nationalism' …

"According to [President] Franklin Roosevelt:

'The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by … a group or any controlling private power'.

Yeardon and Hawkins suggest that we begin with Roosevelt's definition: that fascism is a form of government that exists (often amidst the trappings of democracy) for the benefit of a few over and against the benefit of the many.

They continue:

"Another good definition of fascism comes from Heywood Broun, a noted American columnist in the 1930s:

'Fascism is a dictatorship from the extreme right, or to put it a little more closely into our local idiom, a government which is run by a small group of large industrialists and financial lords … I think it is not unfair to say that any businessman in America, or public leader, who goes out to break unions is laying the foundations for fascism'."

What Broun has done here is to enlarge the definition of fascism to include a system of government that stands against the economic expression of worker's rights; in other words, it is the antithesis of socialism. It places the rights of "management" above the rights of workers; the rights of the rich over and against the rights of the poor. Indeed, it anathematizes the poor.

Yeardon and Hawkins then add Upton Sinclair's definition of fascism:

"Fascism is capitalism plus murder."

This makes sense because it cannot possibly be imagined that "average people" would of their own volition support a government that places the interests of the few above the interests of the many; the interests of the rich above the interests of "average people."

Finally, Yeardon and Hawkins give their own definition, which in essence sums up the definitions cited above:

"This book (meaning The Nazi Hydra in America) defines fascism as follows, with one condition. Fascism is a repressive totalitarian regime in which a small elite controls and uses the government for their [own] benefit. Any action by the government that places the rights of a corporation or a group of elites above the rights of the people is a step toward fascism."

NOTE: When one connects this definition of fascism to Professor C. Wright Mill's (Columbia University) description of the state of elite power in the United States, one is left shivering at how close to fascism the country has moved in recent years:

"... in this particular epoch a conjunction of historical circumstances has led to the rise of an elite of power ... the men of the circles composing this elite, severally and collectively, now make such key decisions as are made; and that, given the enlargement and the centralization of the means of power now available, the decisions that they make and fail to make carry more consequences for more people than has ever been the case in the world history of mankind."

NOTE: Finally, one should take note of the fact that fascism is not always or even necessarily connected to anti-Semitism. The fascist regimes of Benito Moussolin in Italy, Francisco Franco in Spain and Augusto Pinochet in Chile were not anti-Semitic. Thus, the fact that those elements in the United States that are disposed towards fascism are NOT anti-Semitic - specifically, the Religious Right - should not give anyone reason to believe that fascism is not alive and well in the United States. [Please see our article, "The Supermen of the International Christian Embassy's Feast of Tabernacles."]


Eisenhower warns US about the emergence of rampant Capitalism (ie Fascism), the now ultra powerful Miolitary Industrial Complex.

The "one condition" that Yeardon and Hawkins cite is the difficulty in defining exactly when a capitalist democracy transcends IRREVOCABLY into a fascist state that is controlled by the few over and against the interests of the many, where the rich are exalted and the poor are anathematized, where all forms of socialism are damned, where unions are busted and where brutal repression is used to keep "average citizens" in line.

Yeardon and Hawkins explain:

"The one flaw in this definition (see above) is that it fails to delineate the transformation from a capitalist democracy to a fascist state. For instance, when did Germany become a fascist state? Did it occur with Hitler's approval as chancellor? Or was it before or after Hitler's appointment?

"While the March 1933 election was not free, nevertheless, the Nazi Party failed to gain a majority in the Reichstag. Thus it can be argued that the transformation occurred after that election. However, Germany was well along the road to a full fascist state before Hitler's appointment - [just as the United States is today, and that even prior to the appearance of the long-looked-for Restitutor Orbis].

"The lack of a clear line marking the transformation [from a capitalist democracy] to a fascist state points again to the movement's insidious nature … [For this reason] … it is best to look at the traits that explore the degree of fascism …"


Yeardon and Hawkins rely on a series of traits listed by political scientist Lawrence Brin to measure just how far down the path towards fascism a capitalist democracy is; to gauge the degree to which the elites have seized control of the state for their own interests.

Since fascism is a rebellion by the elites to preserve their own power against the "Great Unwashed Masses" fascism is first and foremost a "top-down revolution or movement." This is the primary reason that fascism begins in times of economic dislocation - when the elites believe their economic interests are at risk from a revolt by the "people." While large numbers of followers of fascism such as Hitler's Brown Shirts came from the middle and lower classes, the elite of German society controlled the party. It was only after Hitler assured prominent business leaders of his opposition to socialism and unions that he gained power. [Please see our articles, "A Revolt against Elite Power Is in the Air, and the Elites Are Breathing Fire Against It," "The Divergence of the Rich from the Poor," "Lee Kyang: The Rich and the Poor; God and America," "The Versailles Phenomenon" and "The Third World as a Model for the New World Order."]

The elites launch a campaign that emphasizes a disdain for intellectuals, socialists and liberal views. This campaign includes gaining control of the so-called "mass media." [Please see "Judi Bari, Darryl Cherney and Earth First" and "The Death of Gary Webb;" please also see "The Corporate State and the Mass Media."]

This opens the door for an attack on the trade union movement. Such an attack is necessary because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a fascist regime. In the end, "labor unions are either eliminated entirely, or are co-opted and severely suppressed." [Please see "The United States: Replicating the Slave Economy of the Old South and Leaving Average Citizens to Sink into Poverty," "Capitalism and Christianity" and "The Deceitfulness of Riches and the Marxist Paradigm."]

In the absence of powerful unions and / or socialist political parties, the elites create a situation in the state where -

Corporate Power is Protected: The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist state often puts government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business-government relationship and power elite
Rampant Cronyism and Corruption: Fascist regimes are almost always governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions, and then use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in fascist regimes for national resources and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.
Unbridled Corporatism: The corporate leaders direct government policy for their own benefit. Fascism reduces controls on business and suppresses or bans unions.

[Please see our articles, "The Elite, Money and the End of Days," "The Derivatives Market," "Greed, Avarice and the Coming Dictatorship."]
The successful execution of steps three and four (above) cannot help but lead to extreme exploitation: Fascist regimes inevitably reduce people to objects of commerce; the worth of an individual is measured by his usefulness to "management," and ultimately to the state. Citizenship may be revoked from groups of people to exploit them and seize their property. [Please see our articles, "The Measure of a Man's Worth," "Making Men Cogs in a Machine" and "The United States: Replicating the Slave Economy of the Old South and Leaving Average Citizens to Sink into Poverty."]

Because it cannot be imagined that "the people" would willingly subject themselves to the kind of economic exploitation envisioned in step five (above), the elites are forced to employ:

Violence and terror: Fascist regimes use violence and terror to intimidate "the people" and gain and preserve their cruel and brutal power. Hitler had his Brown Shirts intimidate voters and opposition leaders by starting street brawls and even murdering the opposition. Once in power, he used the Gestapo, the state secret police, to root out and remove any opposition.
Destructive divisiveness: All politicians use division to win elections. However, under fascism, the divisiveness is uniquely destructive and often takes the form of racism, class warfare or even genocide.

[Please see our article, "Beware! - All Those Who Don't Fit into America's Euro-Centric, Christian Culture: The Brownshirts Are Coming for You" and "Measuring the Depravity of the Elites."]

As unions are busted, corporate power strengthened, workers reduced to a state of penury, divisiveness in the over-all population encouraged, etc., the elites begin to promote an obsession with crime and punishment as a ruse behind which they can bring to bear the authority of the state against their political opposition under color of the criminal code. [Please see our articles, "The Utility of Police Brutality in the Elite's War against the Poor," "The Watcher's Are Watching You" and "Dealing with the Human Trash of America's New World Order System."]

As the elites continue down their undemocratic path, fraudulent elections increase. Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times, elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against political opponents; often assassination is employed; use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries and manipulation of the media are employed. Fascist nations also typically use the judiciary to manipulate or control elections. [Please see our articles, "The Truth about What's Happening in the Ukraine: Managing Democracy," "The Bolivarian Revolution Reaches America's Southern Border" and "Obrador's Parallel Leftist Government in Mexico City and the Spread of Chavezism;" finally, one has only to remember how the election of 2000 was rigged to understand how elections are being manipulated in the United States.]
It is here, at the ninth step of the transition of a capitalist democracy to a fascist state, that Christianity becomes so essential to the process - at least in Western societies. We URGE you, therefore, to carefully study our new article, "Transitioning from Christianity to a Fascist State."

As the power of the elites grows ever more autocratic and undemocratic, the elites are forced to resort to sources other than "the people" to justify their continued rule. Government "of the people, by the people and for the people" has now become nothing more than an empty phrase. It's at this point that the elites inevitably turn to religion in one form or another to justify their rule, and religion and government are intertwined. Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Government leaders frequently use religious rhetoric, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions. [We URGE you to read our new article, "Transitioning from Christianity to Fascism;" please also see our articles "Political Christianity" and "Regnum and Sacerdotium;" please also see "The Rich Have Seized Control of the Church."]

As religion is ever more pressed into service by the elites to justify their undemocratic rule, rampant sexism becomes the norm: As a result, the governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Opposition to abortion is high, as is homophobia and anti-gay legislation. [Again, we URGE you to read our new article, "Transitioning from Christianity to Fascism," especially the section dealing with misogynism.]

As religion continues to be pressed into service by the elites to justify their increasingly autocratic rule, those who fall outside the parameters of the state's religion and culture are identified as enemies and scapegoats. This usually translates into an unremitting persecution of -

Racial minorities.

Ethnic minorities.

Religious minorities.




The gay and lesbian community.

[Again, please see our article, "Beware! - All Those Who Don't Fit into America's Euro-Centric, Christian Culture: The Brownshirts Are Coming for You;" please also see our articles, "The Creation of an Enemy Absolute Beginning First with the Gay and Lesbian Community," "The Hamitic Hypothesis," "Growing Rage in America's Heartland," "The Rutherford Institute and R.J. Rushdooney."]

As the state gradually takes on a homogenous religious and cultural hue, a powerful nationalism begins to take hold on "the people." Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottoes, slogans, songs and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing, in churches, and in public displays. [Please see "Birth of a Christian Police State" and "Blowback: Creating a Monster Bent on Devouring Its Maker,"]

Protection of the "homeland," the culture," and the country's religion become paramount - which leads to an obsession with national security. Supremacy of the military is emphasized, and it is given a disproportionate amount of government funding; the domestic agenda is neglected. Soldiers and military service are glamorized. [Please see our articles, "Your Ability to Travel in the New Paradigm," "Life in a Surveillance Society," "Police Brutality: Securing Control of the Streets for the Elites," "Disappearing and Imprisoning Enemies of the State" and "Welcome to the New National Security State."]

Out of the religious atmosphere that the state fosters, it is inevitable that a cult-like messiah figure will emerge surrounded by a cadre of cult-like followers. The development of a messiah-like figure has been common to every fascist state. ["The Principles of Messianic Leadership;" please see Chapter XI of the New Antipas Papers, "Antichrist: King of Babylon."]


These, then, are the steps common in the development of a fascist state as envisioned by Yeardon and Hawkins - and if that's the case, even the most casual observer can see that the United States is well down the path towards fascism. [We urge you to study the documentation attached to every one of these steps.]

The most critical steps toward fascism begin with the NINTH step in this process - the fusion of religion with the state. While this has not fully occurred yet in the United States, it has certainly occurred within the Republican Party, and it may be completed as a "white reaction" to an Obama presidency. [Please see our article, "Does Obama's Candidacy Signify an End to Racial Hatred in the United States? - That's Not What the Bible Indicates."]

David Ray Griffin has written six books uncovering the conspiracy of "domestic" fascists on Septembr 11th. Mr. Griffin is a Christian Thologian (with a spine and God's Spirit)


S.R. Shearer,

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